Our Vision

We envision a platform where regenerative resources, practices, information, and events are made available to people of all backgrounds and income levels on digital networks and real bioregional events.


Our Mission

Provide all people an educational platform that helps them to learn how to produce their own basic needs, such as: food, shelter, water, and medicine in a regenerative way; using permaculture methods, while building communities on both global and local frontiers. Education will be available through our website, mobile app, and physical labor for on-site projects and events.

Our Team


Masterful Creator

Corporate financial junkie for 7 years, grown up from southern California streets of gangs, domestic violence, financial strife and drugs- I sought the answer to ridding my life of struggle and finding happiness through money. That failed twice. The second time was in Montreal after I bought 2 condominiums at the age of twenty-two. As I began to reassess what happiness meant to me; I sold my investments and gave away all material things to live in a backpack for 2 years. Travelling the world and living without the use money; I learned how to build things, grow life, and reassess how I use energy. When I’m not on the computer networking and brainstorming; you can find me co-producing transformational festivals, spinning fire, giving presentations, teaching workshops, building things, hosting gatherings, and working with plants and earth.


Visual Designer

My gusto for life, love, and creativity began as a child residing in beautiful Santa Barbara; the daughter to an amazing Mexican woman doing the best she could as a single mother.   Relishing our best times together in the outdoors it was no wonder I was inspired to capture and treasure those moments with a camera. I was just exploring the infinite possibilities of this passion when I met my husband who not only changed my life but inspired an incredible new path of entrepreneurship using our creativity.  I believe everyone is creative and so I choose to use my creativity not only to express myself, but also in ways that help others express themselves.  With an ever flowing abundance of curiosity, I continue to learn through dancing, hula hooping, photography, design, while my favorite is connecting with people and the earth.  The journey of learning and growing never ends and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Marketing & Product Manager

Born in the heart of San Francisco I was raised with a multicultural background. My father always told me that whatever the crowd was doing do the opposite and so I skipped college and went straight into entrepreneurship at the tender age of 20. Met the love of my life and created a business together called DNA Imagery. Through a lot of hardwork, blood, sweat, and tears we created a thriving business that helps promote creativity and the arts to the masses. Now we find ourselves in a position with the knowledge and capabilities to lift causes that we feel passionate about. When we aren’t working on transforming ourselves or the world around us for the better I am dancing, performing spoken word, learning contact staff, connecting with others or learning more about the world of permaculture.


Project Designer & Educator

I am a multi-passioned artist that grew up in a small native reservation — 7 hours north of Montreal. Due to my childhood circumstances: I became independent, expressive and self-aware at a very young age. I learned how to heal the human mind and body through rehabilitation of the traumas I received on my leg and back. I found motivation to learn how to become self-reliant through being a lifeguard, horticulturist, chef, nutritionist, herbalist, massage therapist, model, fire performer, workshop presenter and artist. An optimist at heart, I am learning from each experience.

Media Production


Media Production


Writer & Visual Artist


Educator & Content Source-erer
Ecosystem Services


Ecosystem Services

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